The Problem With Oversharing

Social media is a wonderful tool—it let’s you stay in touch with people from high school, people you met in different countries on your travels and helps artist and businesses promote themselves to people who would otherwise be oblivious to their existence.

But we know for every act of good in the world there is a negative to balance—practically Newton’s 3rd law of motion— Since the days the advent of cameras on phones we’ve been inundated with booty pics and selfies and honestly I didn’t think it could any worse oh but how wrong I was!

There is a much deeper problem and I need ya’ll to really here me out. What I’m talking about is something that your facebook friends won’t tell you. In fact if they are like me they may simply stop following your timeline—best feature ever!

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Admittedly I’m not sure where I stand with having children of my own.  Ideally if I have kids I need to be married—because children are too much work to have on your own and I am all about the delegation of duties.  Whenever I see a baby my ovaries do a little backflip but then they cry and I am immediately put off by the idea.

Then I hang with my friends’ kids, they are all pretty cool and I love them to death.  But then I invite my friend to go hang out and they are all like “nahhh, I have to take so in so to dance class then soccer practice and after that cook dinner.” And I’m all like “oh—I’m pretty sure our idea of fun are two different things”. Somehow that statement always follows a lecture about how I’m not getting any younger and how I need to start thinking about settling down.  My response is usually, “Oh me, I don’t want kids” and that spins into a whole different discussion.

I need for Pope Francis to tell me where in the Bible it says that not wanting to have kids is selfish. Or maybe not—I don’t want to feel convicted.  If having kids is a prerequisite to womanhood then me, Oprah, Barbie and a whole lot of women are in trouble.

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Add to the list of things that I have no patience for “Grown men who are attracted to and act upon their attractions to kids under the age of 18.”

blah blah gif

Yeah, I really don’t care if the age of consent in your state is the age of 16—grown people who actively pursue children are horribly disgusting and “allegedly” Jared Fogle former Subway spokesperson falls into this group of people. Not only am I disturbed but I am also wondering how Chris Hansen missed out on this! It’s not too late to think about doing a “To Catch a Predator” celebrity edition!


P.S. I think its awesome that he went to Kickstarter to bring the show back!

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Oh Girl, Who Does Your Hair

I took some time out from the blog to focus on LackToast Ent and publishing our book “Voyage of Truth”.  I’ve been contemplating what I should write about and on Thurday Black Twitter blessed me with my answer.  Apparently the family of Rachel Dolezal outed her and told the world that their daughter has been flaunting about Spokane, Washington as a fraudulent black woman. Twitter got hold of the story and had the entire time of their lives and created #AskRachel.

Jimmy Fallon Laughing

While we can debate about the validity of transracialism and question Rachel’s integrity— the answer is, she has none she went to great lengths to convince the world that not only she was black but that she was born in a teepee—but the thing I’m really focused on is her hair.  How did Rachel’s locks go from fine and silky to I’m black and I’m proud?


Inquiring minds want to know- was it a perm, wig, crochet install or straight weave? What products does she use to keep her hair perfectly coiffed?  Does Rachel do the black girl head pat when her scalp is itching?


What YouTube tutorials was she watching? Does she do her own hair or does she go to a stylist?  Was she so committed to her cause that she learned the art of cornrowing and adding extensions to her own head? Did she frequent Chocolate Hair/ Vanilla Care to learn more about her African roots? If she went to a stylist, could the stylist really not tell that home girl’s type 1A hair was a dead giveaway that she wasn’t black? Did the stylist confront her? Did Rachel swear her to secrecy? We need answers!


When Rachel answers the first round of black card application questions—can she answer these?