Full Figured Glory

Yesterday, I was victorious!  I wasn’t victorious because I beasted my bootcamp fitness class, I was victorious because of what happened before that class.  I’m not talking about counting calories and getting water either…no, this was bigger, like Olympic size big.


Yesterday, I forgot my sports bra.  If anyone reading this has been blessed with a double portion of boobies you will understand the terror and the dread of forgetting your sports bra.


A good sports bra is hard to find and honestly I was still on the two bra system.  By the time I remembered that I left my restrictive breast movement contraption at home, it was too late to turn around but luckily for me in Los Angeles, there is always a Target near by.

So I go into Target and rummage through the collection of light and medium support bras. I laugh and shake my head at the fact that its going to take two medium support bras just to reduce the movement.  But then I came across a maximum support bra!!!! GLORAYYYY!


It was cutting close on time so I did not try it on; I just grabbed two bras and headed to class.  In the gym locker room, I put on my newly purchased bra and at first I was a bit hesistant.

ed173-heigl__27-dresses__002I was pleasantly surprised!  Everything felt like it was in place and there was no sign that there would be any wardrobe malfunction.  Could this be? Can I actually shimmy and not throw my back out?  So of course I had to test it out and see what my limitations were.


I jumped up and down, full out shimmied, bent over to the floor and touched my toes…everything! Gurl! My tatas were so secure! This new bra had me feeling like I could walk on water.

Like I said, some of you may not understand but the bounce is real and the struggle is enough to make you not work out.  Nobody wants to run while your double D’s are bouncing in your face!

I felt so fabulous before class, I’m sure that’s why I went extra hard!  And today I am still feeling myself!


So today I am full out endorsing Champions High Support Sports Bra for all full figured ladies (and/or men).  That find was a blessing that I am about to find all the colors and buy them all up!

Full Figured Glory