Sweet Tea and Sass Video Post

I’m excited to share one of the many things I’ve been working on for this site—Sweet Tea and Sass Live.  Okay, I’m not sure if that’s what I’m calling it but its in the running.  I will posting two videos a month — just learned that it could be biweekly or bimonthly (mind blown)!  Below I have posted a trailer for a quick peek at what’s coming up on Sweet Tea and Sass.

The polls are open, what am I naming my video post? Give me something great that we can write an intro song to!


Spoiler Alert: You Suck!

Dear East Coast Friends:

Please let this serve as a friendly reminder that the country does not function on your same time zone.  When things happen at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, some of us are on Pacific Standard Time, meaning we are just now leaving our jobs.  And although I am sure you don’t think of this time difference on a daily basis, I would like to suggest that you start considering it.

I can deal with the fact that once you get off of work and settled into your homes, you give me a call even though I am still at work.  That’s fine. It’s understandable.  I can even deal with the fact when we plan group vacays (that more than likely will take place on the east coast because that’s where a majority of my folks live) I am the one who will have to miss an extra day of work because I have to leave early to catch up everyone else.  But the one thing that I cannot deal with is the selfishness and inconsiderate-ness (just made that up) that takes place on my time line when popular television events are going on.

christina stop

Yes, I’m talking SPOILER ALERTS!  You all are a bit ridiculous when it comes to spoiling television for folks!  Again, you live hours ahead of everyone else! Most of the country does not get to see shows in the same hour that you get to see them! Why do you insist on giving away details before the rest of the world can have the opportunity to even watch?

what is your problem

Why would anyone take to social media and share such things? I’d rather read about other over shared things such as what you ate for dinner or your child labor experiences than to read these spoilers.  Imagine my disgust when I finally get home at 7:00pm, grab some dinner, kick back in my recliner and log on to Facebook and my timeline is overrun with details from the first few minutes of my favorite television shows.  It is in these moments where I really hate my east coast friends.

Yes, I understand the excitement of the shared television watching experience with your friends. It’s a thrill to talk about it but can’t you do the same thing on google hangout? That’s too much? Well if you must be selfish, do me a favor and start putting *SPOILER ALERT* in your status.   Here is an example:

*SPOILER ALERT* Because I am a jerk and don’t care that someone has not yet seen this episode, please scroll down.




ihate you

Spoilers suck and so do you! #sorrynotsorry

My L.A. Story- A Reflection of My Time in the City of Fallen Angels

Seven years ago from April 1st, my plane landed in Los Angeles.  I was instantly pulled in by the sunshine and palm trees. I had big shades, big dreams and a 5 year plan that went something like:

  • Get a production assistant job
  • Write a script
  • Get an agent
  • Sell script
  • Buy a condo
  • Write another script
  • Sell script that generates buzz
  • Get a nice profile in Hollywood reporter
  • Enjoy Hollywood and buy all the shoes I want


Well, I was able to get a really good unpaid internship when I moved out here, I mean what person with two degrees would turn down an internship with a celebrity (even if working for free was totally illegal).   Yeah that turned out to be the unglamorous version of the Devil Wears Prada…I go into more detail in this post.  Long story short, it was a typical Hollywood assistant experience.  Only this one didn’t lead to any great new opportunities.

As I tried to find new work opportunities, something called the Writer’s Strike happened. Productions ceased throughout Los Angeles and nobody had a job…except for people who worked in reality tv and I simply refused to sell out to reality television.  And as all my savings started to run out, of course I had to call on the bank of mom and dad (pretty sure they are FDIC approved). Asking for money always required that I gave a presentation…

Lena-Dunham-Drug-AddictEventually that back up ran out…something about “we have four other kids in college, you’re the oldest and you have to figure it out.”


From that point life kinda spiraled into a downward succession of suckiness.  It was a dark place.  I was convinced that even though, I loved Los Angeles it hated me.  I call this period of life “L.A. Hates Me”. I choose not to dwell on the moments I had to face real life and get a real job that couldn’t cover my real bills because Los Angeles is a real expensive city and ended up real depressed.


I feel like I made it to the other side.  Living in this city toughened me up.  First it handed my ass back to me on a tray but then it toughened me…I would even say it bettered me.  I learned what I was made of. I realized that everybody has to go through some challenges to see their dreams come to life.  Bad credit, selling my car (to cover rent), facing evictions…none of that could scare me from pursuing what I ultimately wanted to do.

Praise the Lord! #PTL
Praise the Lord! #PTL

And here I am.  Not exactly where I want to be but doing what I love.  Biblically speaking, 7 is the number of completion. In the 7 years that I have been in L.A., I can say that I needed all those years to become the woman that I am.  I needed that time to develop my skills and to be comfortable in the fact that this is indeed what I want to do in life.  Although I always knew what I wanted to do in life, I now know that I have what it takes to succeed.

#ToastTip: Be positive, stick with it, keep the faith and you will soon see the light! #Church


I’m pretty sure that’s verbal abuse…

#ToastTip- Guys (and ladies too) if you want to get to know a girl better, don’t call her a b*tch or a ho before you ask for her number.


True story.  I’m on set, hanging with friends and up walks this guy.  I’m not going to say he was gorgeous but I’m not going to say he was ugly either…but he was certainly a guy that needed to have a great personality if he wanted to get someone’s phone number.  We talked for a minute, then he started talking about his music and his plan to become a rapper.


I should insert another #ToastTip here that says something like “Guys, if you are over the age of 30 and still pursuing a rap career…then stop.” I get it, if 2 Chainz can do it, then so can anybody, yeah…no…but I digress.


He asked me if I wanted to hear some of his music.  Being the nice person that I am, I said “Yes.”  In the first four bars, my ears were assaulted.  This man talked about drug dealing, killing people, calling women b*tches and gold diggers and everything else.  AND then had the nerves to ask me how I felt about it. AND then asked me for my number so he could take me out.


Sir, are you crazy? I’m pretty sure you just degraded me and all of woman kind.  I’m pretty sure you just told me how you feel about women. I’m pretty sure you just told me that you hate me and would be disrespectful to me if we ever did date.  Soooo what makes you think I want to get to know you better?


In the first few minutes of our meeting you degraded me and asked for my phone number.   Isn’t that like verbal abuse?

Come out the closet!

#ToastTip- If you are going to be bold enough to share your racist, sexist, homophobic opinions with the world then please be bold enough to NOT be anonymous when you share.

Have you ever scrolled down the comment sections on youtube or after some article on facebook? If so, then you know the type of comments that can occur. Many of them are offensive on every level.  People spew so much hate in the comfort of their own home right behind the computer screen because they can be anonymous.  And these people pick on any and everything they ever felt that they might hate.  Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, gays, old people, children, cats, disabled pets, World War II Vets, Oreos…nothing is off topic for these people…

The level of online hatred is rather disgusting.  I’d rather people be vile and rude to my face instead of hiding in their anonymity….at least I know how you feel. I’m encouraging people to come out of the hatred closest.  Be who you are! I’m sure you will either feel way better for being true to yourself OR maybe you will realize how dumb you really sound when your ignorant ways are posted on on of my favorite blogs, Public Shaming.