Single and not so Satisfied

#ToastTip If your family always ask you if you have a boyfriend and your answer is always no, start lying before your mother post your phone number in the church bulletin and local paper.   

The topic of relationships is one I try to avoid [please see my previous post].  Most of the times I think relationships are beautiful other times I think its the world’s way of bringing constant shame to the fact that I am 30 and single.  I kind of feel like every time a wedding bell rings, I lose a piece of my soul.  Anniversaries cause me to break out it sweats and engagement announcements give me migraines. It’s a serious condition that I have but I’m dealing with it.

Meanwhile, knowing all these facts about my condition; those closest to me insist that the right man is out there for me and they are on a search.  I am also ashamed to admit that my parents have also joined this mission.  It’s looking more and more likely that my wedding will be an arranged one.  Learn from me, if you are single and learning to be satisfied, then avoid showing any dissatisfaction to your parents, cousins, siblings and best friends or else you will become their personal project.

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