Teenagers. WTF?

I know at one point in time I was a teenager. I also understand that teenagers sometimes makes foolish decisions.  But lately I’m convinced that teenagers are getting even more ridiculous in their life decisions and social media is not helping.


A group of teens together are bound to breed foolery.  It is this mob mentality that are getting teens to hop on the #KylieJennerChallenge.  Get a shot glass, insert lips, suck out all the air and voila! Full lips.  It sounds like a sensible/ affordable way to get plump lips.  But the problems with teens, and some adults is that they don’t think through things.

My first thought would have been—how would I get my lips out.  Will it hurt or bruise.  Obviously, I am a adverse to pain. But these adolescents are about that life. There was also the Fire Challenge.  Folks pouring alcohol on themselves then setting themselves on fire, running around the house and back to the tub to douse the fire. Um, have you ever heard of 3rd degree burns? You are straight putting your life in danger. On the same level of “I don’t really want to live this life” is the salt and ice challenge-without giving details just know that the risk involve 3rd degree burns as well.


When I heard of the condom challenge, my faith in teenage humanity was restored. I was thinking, “That’s great kids are encouraging each other to have safe sex.” Nope. I was wrong. These kids were snorting condoms and pulling out of their mouth without thinking there is a possiblity of choking and dying! How embarrasing would it be to die because you choked on a condom? I don’t understand this sort of collective stupidity.

you are so dumb

Whatever happened to the less insane challenges–I dare you to eat a hot pepper or eat several saltine crackers without drinking water? Those challenges are dumb but less dangerous. It scares me to think that one day I may have a kid and that kid will become a teenager and that teen may end up participating in these ill planned, life threatening games. Parenting tops my list of scary things—right there below a sexless marriage.