All of my thoughts could not fit in the first video! My heart was so heavy with the news of Sandra Bland, I felt that I could not leave this part on the editing floor.  The more that I think about the entire situation, the more it makes me upset. This could have been anyone I know.  Not anyone “deserving” (whatever that means) to be arrested. Simply someone who was annoyed at the fact that they were getting a ticket, smart enough to know their rights, and bold enough to speak up for themselves.  None of that is reason to be arrested. And no, I’m not here for the people who say if she just cooperated the police officer wouldn’t be threatened. The police officer should have remained professional. I’m not here for the female officer cheering on her partners idiotic behavior either. She can have all the seats in pew.

Also, Amandla Stenberg is one of my new favorite people! Little sister is intelligent and bold and handles all criticism with such great style. I heart her!

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