Preachers and Money

Truth: There are some preachers who are just about the money. Also Truth: There are many more who are not about the money. And while I don’t appreciate these preachers pimping their congregations, I can’t stand the blanket accusations people man against the church.

Why do we make money a bad thing when it comes to churches? If you don’t want to give then don’t.

They Don’t Care

I’m starting to think they don’t care! Minorities are feeling threatened across this country but people in positions of power are ignoring them. What must happen for others to see that our lives matter too? You may be tired of hearing it and trust me I’m just as tired of having to talk about it. That doesn’t give me the luxury to not talk about it!

Black Friday

There are somethings I will never understand like people who like beets or run marathons. I’ll never completely why people will volunteer to wait in long lines with a bunch of strangers just so they can buy some discounted items (that if you were truly a diligent shopper you could find other times of the year). There just isn’t any appeal there for me. But that’s just me…

Things to Know About Glasses

This four-eyed life ain’t easy and to all those wearing glasses as a fashion statement…I’m judging you. You don’t know what it’s really like going through life (a very blurry life) with the much needed visual assistance. Before you go a cop a new pair, there are some things you need to know about glasses!