Creative Ways to Say No

…even tho no should be enough.¬†Women have been getting brutally attacked and even murdered for rejecting a man’s advances. ¬†Here a few ways to say “No” in the case you are met by a man with issues of hyper masculinity mixed with ego and low self confidence. No should always mean no, no matter how you say it!

They Lied to Us 80’s Babies

If you were born in the 80s you may remember all the warnings our parents and teachers gave us about the year 2000. It turns out they lied! What metric system, what land splitting earthquake, what flying car? Where is it at?

Black Lives Matter

Another black person killed by a cop. This happens way too often. What options are we left with when our humanity is constantly ignored? It doesn’t matter if it is a white cop or a black cop…there is a perception that people in uniform have about people of color that is proving to be dangerous for civilians. Twilla Amin shares her heart.

Let’s Harambe

Let’s talk about Harambe. It trips me out that there are people who would rather spare a gorilla (yes I know its an endangered species) than the life of a child. But you don’t get this worked up at the idea of a wild animal living in a controlled unnatural habitat. But I digress.