Naturally Acceptable

Over the past 10 years there has been a wave of women tossing away  chemicals and rocking their own natural texture hair.That means lots of folks came to a rude awakening when they realized black girls hair was not actually silk and straight—its actually curly, coily and in my instance puffy. Some folks had a conniption—old black folks who didn’t understand why anyone would step out the house looking unkempt, employers who thought it unprofessional to walk around making political statement in office and the general population who equated straight hair with beauty because lets face it—our beauty standards are based on the presence of Eurocentric features—straight hair, fair skin, small nose.

As people grow more used to seeing variation of textured hair, there are a few things you may need to know. Consider this weekly update as your 5 things on what not to say, do or assume to/about a woman with natural hair.

I wanna know your thoughts! What else should folks know about the natural hair movement?

5 Things: The Confederate Flag Edition

I celebrate the fact that people (including lawmakers) are calling for the Confederate flag to come down over government buildings.  This really feels like something that should have happened at the end of the Civil War in 1865. The war was lost, there was no more need for the confederate flag. Let. It. Go.


Growing up in the south, this flag was plastered on everything–tee shirts, bumper stickers, lockers, hats, in your neighbor’s yard.  All it took for me was one history class when the teacher explained the origins of the flag for me to question all of my classmates proudly showcasing their confederate paraphernalia as proud daughters and sons of Dixie.  While they were proudly re-imagining their heritage of their ancestors sipping mint julep on the plantation porch, I think of my ancestors doing the back-breaking free labor to plant and harvest the sugar for someone else’s gain.


Every time I see the flag I think of the KKK–because it is a flag they also revere.  Have you ever seen the Klan march? I have–in my state capital of Raleigh and once before that in my small home town. I didn’t know if I should laugh at the fact that these folks are still rocking those ridiculous looking head pieces or cry at the fact there are those that hate me for no other reason than the color of my skin.


The flag of the fallen Confederacy is tied to so many negative aspects of history that they outweigh any positive note (being non-biased) that may exist. There are so many other things I’d prefer witnessing over seeing another Confederate flag. The following are my top five.

1. Stomp my baby toe on a burning hot steel plated concrete boulder. Yes I’d rather endure this painful experience 100 times than the flag to fly over another government building.


2. Hearing someone brush their teeth. If you know me, you know this is the most excruciating sound in the world to me. To raise the stakes–that person could be brushing their teeth with a brand new Brillo pad while chewing on rocks and scratching their nails on the chalk board. That would definitely give me a nervous tick and eye twitch. Yet, I would subject myself to this torture than to see that banner yet wave.


3. Listen to early Justin Bieber on repeat. Please see number 2.


4. Translate the Aeneid. This thing is like a million pages long!  Did this in high school Latin class but I still can’t speak Latin. It was painful but willing to do it again–without looking up translations online. It may take me a year to do but it’s so much more preferable over the Confederate flag.

understand nothing

5. Cramps. I’m talking full on PMS ugly gut punching puke inducing cramps. No Midol, no heat pad, no tea. Yup. I disdain the flag that much.



Working in Hollywood

5 Things You Will Experience

8 years ago today, I moved to LA with nothing but 3 suitcases, my car, a big pair of shades and my dreams of working in Hollywood.  Soon afterwards, I would get my first job in entertainment and reality would strike.  I mention some of the struggle in my past post here.

In talking to some of my other friends, we realized that there were some commonality in our experiences–and even  though some of them would chase a normal person away-we still come back for more.  So here is my list of 5 true things you will experience when you first start to work in “the industry”.

1. Your college internships at local television stations mean absolutly nothing in Los Angeles…in fact, your college education means nothing—unless you are in college that means you can legally intern and work in exchange for college credit.


2. Even though you know your job as production assistant sucks—your friends back home are impressed with the fact that you get to work with celebrities.  You pretty much have the coolest job out of all of your friends.  You also make the least amount of money out of all your friends—and pay the most rent but whatever you also get summer 50 out of the 52 weeks of the year.


3. You will meet your favorite celebrity.


4. You will also find out that your favorite celebrity is a jerk.  They crushed your hopes and dreams. You’ll never be able to love with an open heart again.


5. Nobody drinks plain coffee.  When you are on coffee runs you realize that quad venti half caf breve no foam with whip two splenda stirred skinny three pump peppermint mocha is a pretty standard order.  You will also begin to abandon the simple “Soy latte” order for the more extravagant kind.

so complicated

Did I miss anything? What are some things you encountered when you got your first industry job?



Featured Image of Hollywood Sign by Florian Klauer