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The following entry is an essay I submitted to a contest sponsored by Contiki Vacations in August 2011. Although I was one of the three finalist, I did not win my trip to Australia 😦  Anyone who knows me that I live by the “Have Passport Will Travel” motto, so I was kind of disappointed when I didn’t win the all expense paid vacay.  After reading, you will understand why I was a bit salty about it.

As I clock into my job and step into the confines of my cubicle, I cringe at the thought of being forced to stare at these grey carpeted walls for another day.  The phones ring incessantly, my coworker rudely pops her gum at 80 rounds per minute, my carpel tunnel flares up as I respond to yet another memo, and the only respite I have from my torture is the Contiki Travel website, which I frequent for inspiration every moment I get.

The silent whisper for “help” quickly grows into a shrill desperate scream! I’m yelling “I NEED A VACATION!” Or am I just imagining I’m going half crazy? This thrill seeking travel junkie is in dire desperation of a fix… err uh, getaway.

“I will write for travel!”

As made painfully obvious I need to getaway and I love to travel.  I am no stranger to traveling abroad but I have never been to Australia, although I plan to find my way there very soon!  As a novice to the country, I look forward to incorporating the basic tourist attractions to my itinerary. I want to visit Sydney, see the kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef.  But I truly want to experience so much more of what the Land of Oz has to offer, which is why I would choose the Reefs and Rainforest trip with Contiki Tours.

Any itinerary that promises “wild nights and wildlife” is certified the perfect choice for a person looking to enjoy the best of both worlds!  This trip starts in Sydney and allows you to explore the entire Eastern shore of Australia! How cool would it be to say that you learned to surf in Australia’s Coffs Harbour and went to a wildlife sanctuary and held a koala?  Maybe along the way you will discover why there are so many gorgeous Aussies.  Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Simon Baker…

Sure this 20 day itinerary may be a little long for people who are in a hurry to get back to their jobs, but as you can tell….I am not that type of person.  I’m convinced that everyone should be required by law to travel outside the country at least once every two years.  “Why?” you ask….Why not?  There is so much to experience within this world at its only a plane ride away and it sure beats looking at grey carpeted walls day in and day out!

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