Plus Size Swexy

Swexy= Swag + Sexy

#ToastTip Sometimes we are so overly critical of a situation we forget to appreciate the beauty of what’s right in front of us.

Elle Cover

Actress Melissa McCarthy recently covered Elle Magazine’s annual …Women in Hollywood“ Spread.  The first thing I said when I saw the cover was …WOW! She looks amazing!“ For the record, I’m pretty sure most people said the same thing however there were a few critical folk who made a stink about the fact that Melissa did not show enough skin. They feel that the curvy diva should have shown more skin and flaunt her curves.

I am all about women dressing for their bodies and not being ashamed to flaunt what God gave them. I think there needs to be a lot less fat shaming and more self love. I also think there is nothing wrong with being classy and keeping things covered at times.  In this photo of Melissa rocking this charcoal Marina Rinaldi coat is absolutely classy, feminine and smoldering hot!  This woman looks like a glamazon!  I realize that I may be overreacting because I’ve never seen her dressed this way.  I instantly think …Bridesmaids“.

So no, plus size women should not be confined to muumuus and large flower print smocks.  And yes plus size women should not be afraid to dress sexy and feminine (check out my fave fashion blogger, Gabi Fresh).  But when the time calls for it, less can be more.  So stop hating on what’s not and let’s celebrate what is.  Not to mention Elle put a plus size woman on their cover…that is rare in fashion, so I salute!

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