Let’s Go Nude!

#ToastTip: Don’t give a brown girl a beige pair of shoes and tell her that they are nude color.  We are brown and our nude is brown so give us a brown pair of shoes.

I had this very thought this week as I was shopping around for a pair of pumps to replace my “nude” (read beige) pumps.  I was wondering if instead should I just opt for a pair of chocolate brown patent leather pumps instead.  Apparently my friend Christian had the same idea and came up with a dope (long overdue) concept of having a nude line tailored to women of every color.  I love it!  But I don’t love it enough to break the bank and get my first pair of Red Bottoms. Nope…instead I will continue to wait for the Steve Madden look a like pair to surface on DSW. Champagne Dreams on a malt liquor budget.

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