Puff, puff, stop!

#ToastTip  Smoking, like drunk driving, is stupid.

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I honestly don’t want to sound like I’m trying to rag on people who smoke.  I understand that smoking not only releases stress but is also a very addicting bad habit.  I get that like any other drug, alcohol or sugary food addiction it is a hard habit to break.  So I kinda empathize but…

Yesterday, I had the misfortune of someone sitting beside me on the bus who smelled like an entire carton of cigarettes.  It was so bad that my nose started burning, eyes watering and I started coughing.  I wasn’t experiencing 2nd hand smoke, I was experiencing 3rd hand smoke.  What? Third hand smoke? Is that a thing?  Yes it is! It is when smoke residue clings to hair, clothes and walls and another party is effected by it. It’s cancer causing and studies suggest it can deform your DNA so its kinda of a big deal.

After having this experience on the bus, I’ve come to realize that for me smokers are on the same list as drunk drivers.  Both are pretty irresponsible.  Like drinking by itself to some degree is okay but DRIVING while intoxicated is not only STUPID its SELFISH!   The moment you decide to drive your car while under the influence you have put everyone on that road in danger.  Smoking is the same thing.

Even the most considerate smoker is putting others at risk.  If you smoke only in your own back yard away from everyone.  The toxins from your smoke linger. So when you pick up someone else’s child, the smoke is effecting them and exposing them to your bad habits.  Like I said I get the pathology behind smoking.  I also know that people who smoke feel like they are under attack but with all due respect I ALSO FEEL LIKE I AM UNDER ATTACK WHEN YOUR SMOKE TOXINS ATTACK MY NASAL PASSAGES AND LUNGS!!!!

I get it, you don’t give too much of a damn about your health so why should your give a damn about mine?  But if you want me to understand your habit can’t you understand why I’m so offended by it?  #ThatIsAll

puff puff stop

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