I’m pretty sure that’s verbal abuse…

#ToastTip- Guys (and ladies too) if you want to get to know a girl better, don’t call her a b*tch or a ho before you ask for her number.


True story.  I’m on set, hanging with friends and up walks this guy.  I’m not going to say he was gorgeous but I’m not going to say he was ugly either…but he was certainly a guy that needed to have a great personality if he wanted to get someone’s phone number.  We talked for a minute, then he started talking about his music and his plan to become a rapper.


I should insert another #ToastTip here that says something like “Guys, if you are over the age of 30 and still pursuing a rap career…then stop.” I get it, if 2 Chainz can do it, then so can anybody, yeah…no…but I digress.


He asked me if I wanted to hear some of his music.  Being the nice person that I am, I said “Yes.”  In the first four bars, my ears were assaulted.  This man talked about drug dealing, killing people, calling women b*tches and gold diggers and everything else.  AND then had the nerves to ask me how I felt about it. AND then asked me for my number so he could take me out.


Sir, are you crazy? I’m pretty sure you just degraded me and all of woman kind.  I’m pretty sure you just told me how you feel about women. I’m pretty sure you just told me that you hate me and would be disrespectful to me if we ever did date.  Soooo what makes you think I want to get to know you better?


In the first few minutes of our meeting you degraded me and asked for my phone number.   Isn’t that like verbal abuse?

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