Come out the closet!

#ToastTip- If you are going to be bold enough to share your racist, sexist, homophobic opinions with the world then please be bold enough to NOT be anonymous when you share.

Have you ever scrolled down the comment sections on youtube or after some article on facebook? If so, then you know the type of comments that can occur. Many of them are offensive on every level.  People spew so much hate in the comfort of their own home right behind the computer screen because they can be anonymous.  And these people pick on any and everything they ever felt that they might hate.  Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, gays, old people, children, cats, disabled pets, World War II Vets, Oreos…nothing is off topic for these people…

The level of online hatred is rather disgusting.  I’d rather people be vile and rude to my face instead of hiding in their anonymity….at least I know how you feel. I’m encouraging people to come out of the hatred closest.  Be who you are! I’m sure you will either feel way better for being true to yourself OR maybe you will realize how dumb you really sound when your ignorant ways are posted on on of my favorite blogs, Public Shaming.  

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