You can’t clean up a dirty mess with a bloody rag

#ToastTip- If you don’t want to be seen as a bad guy then don’t KILL people.


George Zimmerman’s Rescue Plot Appears to be Fake *insert shock face*



Regardless of how you feel about the Zimmerman verdict, we all agree that he looks like a smug douche.  And whether or not you agree if he was right or wrong, we all agree he should have sat his cop-wanna-be-helpful self in his car.  Now that he is a free man and thousands of his fellow Americans are protesting his right to freedom, he feels that he needs a good image overhaul.


Insert horrific car accident here.


George pulls the family out of the burning car and saves their life. It’s terrific! This guy has a track record of being a real life hero…he’s like Superman without the tights, the vest, the supervision, the good hair, etc.  What are the odds of this happening right after the verdict? This guy is great! I love this…


What? What is that? This is all made up? You had nothing to do with the rescue?  Wow Georgie boy…you really are just a douche and everyone still hates you.


Now please go and take a long seat down.


What do you think? Staged or not staged? Douche or not douche? Please share your thoughts.

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