Because Condoms don’t work

#ToastTip- If you don’t want another baby’s mama then please STOP SLEEPING AROUND


A vasectomy Slim Thug? Really?


I am all for birth control methods but its something super irresponsible and unattractive about a grown man who decides to snip themselves because they don’t think they can control their man apparatus.  If you are NOT married and young enough to one day get married, your future wife just may want kids…the fact that you made a life long decision based on inability to control an impulsive desire has now impacted your future wife.  I could be exaggerating but I am not…


Jay-Z did at one point say, “Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing, never happen. I’ll be forever macin” Then like 6 years later he married Beyonce.  So what in that period of time, Jay said I’m not getting married and I don’t want to deal with a baby’s mama…let me snip my junk ??? Then we would not have a baby Blue Ivy.


But then again, there are some people with the proven track record that demonstrates their inability to keep stop sewing a seed or to wear a condom or to have sex with females that take birth control pills.  For those men, I say SNIP AWAY!

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