Today I have a confession to make.  As much as I try to eat healthy, rid bread from my diet, limit alcohol and deny my body of the very thing it lives for…chocolate, there is one thing in my faux healthy life style that I have yet gotten used to.  I know this is somewhat a blow to all of my friends who enjoy trailmix, homemade cliff bars, substituting dates for fudge, and enjoy eating dried [insert random fruit/veggie here] chips.  I hope that my confession does not cause you to look at me as any less of a person but if so, I’m sure you will oneday find it in your heart to forgive me.

I absolutely cannot stand eating Lara Bars! Lara Bars, the holy grail of pre-packaged snacks.  The snack that is oh so good for you because you can pronounce all the items on the packaging.  Yes, I get it…its better for me…. But I have to be honest here, if high fructose corn syrup and riboflavin no. 5 would make my “Cherry Cobbler” Fruit and Nut bar taste more like a Cherry Cobbler, I am all for it.  The brown rice syrup just isn’t doing the job. Two bites in and I am over the holy crusade I set out on…I start to wonder if processed foods are all that bad and I even start to crave a nutri-grain bar.

What I do know is that I will continue to half heartedly eat my Lara Bar with full disdain and contempt because ultimately its better for me. I’m vain enough to want to see the weight loss results and to be a better me.  I’m convinced that this bar is going to help do the trick because anything that taste this bad HAS to be good for you.

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