Can I Get Medical Coverage for Retail Therapy?

#ToastTip and possible surgeon general’s warning:  Living on a budget can be detrimental to your health

Retail Therapy
I want a pair of Manolo’s.  I want a fancy gym membership. I want to eat sushi. Go to the grocery store and buy grass feed steak, chia sees and Perrier water.  I want to go get my nails done weekly and add new shades to my mac eye color palette.  BUT I CAN’T because I live on a budget.  My budget is helping me save for things like a car and pay off things like student loans.

But sometimes, I don’t want to be responsible! Sometimes, I just want buy what I want! All of this responsibility is stressful.  Living on a budget and keeping a constant eye on your bank account is worrisome.  And there’s only one way I know to fix it… SHOPPING

Retail therapy is called THERAPY for a reason.  It’s an outlet to release those things that are burdening you.  And we all know its not good to keep stress bottled inside.  Stress can make you lose hair, gain weight and smoke cigarettes.  Weight gain can lead to obesity, diabetes and in some cases cancer.  Cigarettes definitely leads to cancer and if not, bad gums.  So instead of stress leading to my bad health, I think its best that we just shop.  And because retail therapy helps avoid a cascade of medical conditions, I propose that all retail therapy is covered by medical insurance.

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